Perk Frequency 3,6,9,12,15,18,20
Increased By Repairing Equipment

Maintenance is a Skill in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Allows you to repair things with repair kits and weapons at a grindstone. The higher your skill level, the easier it is to use the grindstone and the longer your repair kit will last. At a higher level, you will be able to repair more badly damaged items.


Maintenance Notes & Information

  • With this skill maxed out at 20, Henry can repair damaged weapons down to 60% condition. Everything below this can only be repaired by a swordsmith in town.
  • This skill tree has got one more perk than you can take, since skills are capped at 20. There are 8 available perks, but only 7 slots before the skill is maxed out.
  • You can grind (level up) this skill relatively quickly at a grinding stone by blunting and sharpening a sword alternately (you can also use a blacksmith's kit for the repair part).



Maintenance Perks



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