Lockpicking Perks in Kingdom Come Deliverance are accessible by the player upon reaching certain levels of Lockpicking. The table below lists what these are, what they do and what level you must reach in order to unlock them.

Lockpicking Perks

Name Reqs Effect
Lasting Lockpicks Lockpick Lvl 3 Your lockpicks will be more durable and last twice as long.
Repairman Lockpick Lvl 3 After successfully picking a lock, you have a 20% chance of any broken lockpicks returning to your inventory.
Deft Grip Lockpick Lvl 6 The starting position when lockpicking will be closer to the end of the lock, making it easier to open.
Luck of the Drunk Lockpick Lvl 6 It'll be 30% easier to open locks when drunk, but it will also be 30% noisier.
Silent Fiddler Lockpick Lvl 9 You're able to work almost silently with a lockpick, even if the lockpicking isn't going well. The noise a snapping lockpick makes is reduced by 90%.
Sixth Sense Lockpick Lvl 9 Your sixth sense will warn you if someone is about to catch you in the act of lockpicking, so you'll have more time to escape.
Lucky Thief Lockpick Lvl 12 If you lockpick breaks you'll have a 10% chance of opening the lock instantly.
Master Thief Lockpick Lvl 12 You can unlock easier locks automatically.

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