Perk Type Herbalism
Req Level 5

Horsenip is a Herbalism Perk in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. If your horse has enough fragrant herbs in its saddlebag, it will shy less.



Horsenip Notes & Information

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Herbalism Perks
Botanist  ♦  Flower Power  ♦  Leg Day  ♦  Resistance


    • Anonymous

      20 Apr 2019 05:04  

      30 fragrant herbs in horse inventory (Marigold for instance) increased his courage form 8 to 10 for me (I think 10 is max)

      • Anonymous

        04 Mar 2018 22:25  

        I think this is bugged. I dropped 200 herbs in the horse inventory and nothing happens.
        Or maybe it's meant to be like this and I can't really feel the benefit, but most of the time it tells you when perks activate...

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