Final Offer

Perk Type Speech
Req Level 4

Final Offer is a Speech Perk in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. When a trader loses patience with you during haggling, you get one more chance to make another offer.



Final Offer Notes & Information

  • Final Offer can be used to guarantee player get the maximum possible value out of any trade. Since merchants always adjust the price to the middle of the bargain, offer the minimum value at the beginning will trigger the perk and force the price to drop all the way to the middle of the haggle bar, you can then accept the price or lower the price further depends on merchant's remaining patience.
    • Alternatively, haggle as normal to the point where one feels comfort, then drop the offer to minimum. If done correctly, this will anger merchants and causing them to lose only a bit of patience, offer again will max out patience counter, trigger the perk and adjust the value even lower, creating more profit.
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Speech Perks
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