Perk Frequency None
Increased By Archery

Bow is a Skill in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Bow skill makes you more proficient with bows and arrows, increasing the power of your attacks. Until you reach level 5, you are unable to hold the bow correctly and when firing, the string will flay your forearm, causing injury, unless you are wearing a vambrace or other armguard, in which case firing will only drain Stamina.



Bow Notes & Information

  • Increasing your Bow skill will reduce the sway of the bow you are using when aiming.
  • The longer you hold your arrow drawn, the more your aim will sway, no matter what Bow you use.
  • Bowman's Brew will significantly reduce your sway when aiming as well as allow you to zoom further.



Bow Perks

  • None



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    • Anonymous

      15 Aug 2019 14:26  

      I found the best way for me is to cheese it. Get into a big fight near a rock you can jump up to. As long as you can't walk up to it it should work. The AI just stands there and tanks them till death. Unless they have a bow.

      • Anonymous

        16 Feb 2019 10:16  

        You have to actually hit the target. It needs to be something that can die. Really easy archery points would be to shoot enemies as they approach and ambush enemy camps.

        • Anonymous

          25 Feb 2018 21:59  

          How can you effectively increase this skill? Archery contests and shooting targets in general gives 0xp, humans chase you and hit you about, plus hunting isn't reliable enough to train archery.

          • Anonymous

            20 Feb 2018 12:19  

            I do not see my progress percent increasing when training bow on target training in Rattay...
            I started at 91%, after throwing 30 arrows my archery stats continue to stay at 91% :(
            I go close and restart the game to see if that change

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