Baliff's Mace

Min Str 10
stab_damage_icon-kcd 2
slash_damage_icon-kcd 2
blunt_damage_icon-kcd 61
Def 30
Charisma 14
Durability 55
Weight 4,5

Baliff's Mace is one of the Maces in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


A bailif`s mace, an instrument of justice, capable of meting it out. Its heavy ornamented head demands respect, both on the battlefield and off of it


Where to Find Baliff's Mace

  • Sold by the Swordsmith in Rattay
  • Dropped by ??
  • Looted from ??

Notes and Tips

  • You can loot this weapon from a bailif if you knock him out.
  • You will get one by Sir Divish when he appoints you to bailif of Pribyslavitz.



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