Augsburg Gauntlets

Min Str 0
stab_defence_icon-kcd 11
slash_defence_icon-kcd 11
blunt_defence_icon-kcd 4
Vis./Conspic. 1/1
Noise (-21)
Charisma N/A
Durability 100
Weight 3

Augsburg gauntlets are Gloves in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


Gauntlets provide the best protection forthe combatant's hands. It's sensible to remove them before picking your nose.


Where to Find NAME

  • Starting equipment for the ??
  • Dropped by many NPC's.
  • Looted from ??

Notes and Tips

  • For some reason wearing the gloves knocks your noise stat down.I discovered this just now my noise stat is 30 when I put the gauntlets on my noise stat dropped to 9. Giving it a -21. Does this stat change as you level? Does it change with certain gear? 
  • Visual and conspicuous rise by 1.I undressed took everything off and the base number for both is 50 when I put the gauntlets on the number rises by 1.There are also other questions that can be asked just like the above note.



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