Aachen Dyed Brigandine

Min Str 0
stab_defence_icon-kcd 20
slash_defence_icon-kcd 20
blunt_defence_icon-kcd 8
Vis./Conspic. 74/71
Noise 65
Charisma 16
Durability 66
Weight 7

Aachen Dyed Brigandine is a Body Plate in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.



The bringandine is a type of armour made of small steel plates riveted to a stiff, tough fabric or leather lining. The segmentation of the armour gives the wearer greater mobility.



Where to Find Aachen Dyed Brigandine

  • To find this armor piece, travel to Skalitz, then cross the stone bridge, once on the other side look right, down by the water stream there shhould be a chest, inside the chest is the Aachen Dyed Brigandine along with some weapons and some other items.

Notes and Tips

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